What makes us so special?

Chicken Nuggets!!! All of our chicken is 100% boneless breast; hand cut in house and used for our chicken nuggets, grilled chicken, chicken cutlets and chicken salad.

We roast our own Turkey & Roast Beef in our ovens. No fillers or additives, just good meat!

We use only the freshest produce! Our boss, Frank Carpenteri Sr., travels straight to Hunt’s Point Co-Op in the Bronx to purchase our own fruits & vegetables every week.

Real steak! Using USDA Choice Top Round meat, we trim the fat and slice it up. Add some cheese, cooked onions and a little of Hotsy’s chili and you’ve got a mean sandwich!

We love giving back, and are proud sponsors of The Boys & Girls Club, Relay for Life, The United Way, and dozens of other community-based organizations. For more information on our community give-back program, contact [email protected]

Hotsy! No one else in town has a WWII hero, ex-prize fighter, chili slinging local food legend that opens the place up (in Old Greenwich) at 4:00 a.m.

Our employees. The food business is a tough one, but through the years we have built a teamof hard working professionals who are dedicated to making your experience a “Special” one!

We are family owned and operated. Our family has been serving the surrounding community since 1991.


Thank you for being a customer. If there is ever anything you need,just ask. We are always striving to improve our level of service and quality. Any suggestions or comments are always appreciated!

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