Garden Catering Greenwich Reopening Tuesday w/ New Look + Some New Items


Frank Jr., his sister Tina, Monika Rodriguez, and Zino Carr

Frank Jr., his sister Tina, Monika Rodriguez, and Zino Carr

Garden Catering at 177 Hamilton Avenue has been serving the Chickahominy area of Greenwich since 1999, and to say that have become a major staple in town would be an understatement. In fact, Garden Catering is the place to be when it comes time for some awesome breakfast. As soon as they open the doors, a swarm invades, and the place is flooded with local students, parents, workers, and loyal customers.

But, that all changed one night right before the new year in 2014 when Frank Carpenteri Jr. got the news early in the morning that the Hamilton Avenue restaurant suffered major damage because of a fire. It was devastating and set them back months and months . . . and it left people without their Hotsys, their Specials, and their cones. But, rather than let the fire destroy them, the Garden Catering family took it as an opportunity to remodel, rework the kitchen, and make that spot pretty amazing.

ReOpening 2We had the chance to meet up with Frank Jr., his sister Tina, Monika Rodriguez, and Zino Carr to tour the newly renovated shop and to talk about the menu. Everything is bright, clean, fresh, and there are bright neon green accents on the walls including a big and bold graphic mural. The kitchen, in addition, has been reworked to make ordering and cooking easier. That means that wait times will go down, too, so everyone ends up happy! During our visit, Tina, Frank and crew were commenting that as soon as the new awning went up on Wednesday, people were slowing down on the road (no crashes reported thankfully), and people were coming out of their houses and shops to see if it was true . . . to see if Garden Catering was open again. Well, they’ll only have to wait until Tuesday, March 15!

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Frank stressed that nothing is really changing about the Garden Catering that everyone has grown to love and become addicted to. It’s still family owned and run, it’s still focusing on housemade items, and it’s still legit as always. They are still going to feature all the things that make them great like their sandwiches, their nuggets, their cones, their fries, and their breakfast sandwiches . . . but he did give us a preview about a few new items.

There’s the Jalapeño Hotsy which is their amazing Hotsy, but it’s made with smashed Spicy Mac & Cheese Bites! Oh, and the Hotsy? It’s a must not miss for breakfast time: Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Hotsy’s Famous Chili, and Home Fries or Cones. Order ’em on a roll or a wedge. But, seriously, wedge is the only option in our books. The item you’ll definitely want to check out at some point is their Breakfast Bomb which includes Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Hotsy’s Chili, Cones, and Sausage.




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