Hotsy Turns 90, Still Sizzles at Greenwich Eatery

by Anna Helhoski

GREENWICH, Conn. — Frank (Hotsy) Bertino has stood behind the counter at Garden Catering in Old Greenwich for the past 20 years, and Monday morning was no exception. Customers filed in and out ordering 90-cent “Hotsy” sandwiches—a bacon, egg and cheese with homefries and chili—in honor of Hotsy’s 90th birthday.

“People love ’em,” Bertino said of the sandwich bearing his name. “[Working] keeps me young. I’ve been doing this for 67 years. When you see people every day for years, you know what they want.”

Monday through Friday at 2 a.m., while most residents are sleeping, Bertino sets up shop at Garden Catering. “He preps the coffee, slices the rolls, gets eggs ready,” said Frank Carpenteri Jr. of Garden Catering. “The great thing about Hotsy is he knows his customers so well, that if he has a guy who gets a ham sandwich every morning at 5 a.m., he’ll have that ham sliced and ready to put on the sandwich.”

Nicknamed when he was a quick-tempered youth, “Hotsy” has kept the moniker for the last seven decades. Given that his most famous dish is a spicy chili, the name is still appropriate.

“Hotsy’s a local food legend. He’s been in town for decades and everyone knows him. He’s just overall an awesome person. He’s one of the hardest-working guys I’ve ever met. He just does it, not because we ever ask him to, that’s just what he does,” said Carpenteri. Read More








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