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During the pandemic, some neighbors needed help getting food on the table. Through our NUGS NOT HUGS campaign, we partnered with Meals on Main Street to provide nourishing meals for those in need. We are proud to say, that since 2020, we have donated more than $300,000 worth of food, and we continue to donate weekly. 

$25k for KIDS CANCER

Little Willa, the daughter of Tina Carpenteri (co-owner of Garden Catering), was the inspiration behind this campaign and partnership with the Golden Lights Foundation. At just four years old, she’s been bravely battling B Cell ALL since May 2023, proving that courage comes in all sizes.

Our community rallied together, purchasing Garden Catering coupon booklets & making direct donations, with 100% of the proceeds going to The Golden Lights Foundation’s mission of funding cutting-edge pediatric cancer research. We’re so proud of the impact we’ve made together.


Garden Catering has funded more than 90 local organizations last year alone, through our Give Back Nights. We partner with small groups such as PTA's, school band, sports teams and more and offer a date and promo code for the group to spread to their network. 25% of the sales that use the code are donated back to the group after their Give Back Night. 

If you want to book a give back night for your group, click below.

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